Hello everyone! We here at the Boardwalk Restaurant and Marina are very proud of our restaurant and especially our location on Lake George. And in order to continually bring you the best experience possible we have made numerous changes to the Boardwalk each year. Here is what we have done so far:

-In the spring of 2002 the Boardwalk Restaurant and Marina was bought by the owners of the Lake George Steamboat Company and then incorporated into the Steamboat Company’s business. The fall and the winter following this purchase, the new owners had the downstairs dining section of the restaurant completely renovated. The dining room was completely refurbished and the foundation was strengthened, and the bar as well was completely renovated and expanded.

-In the fall of 2003 it was decided that something had to be done about the parking lot behind the Boardwalk and the erosion of the hill behind it. During the fall and winter of this year, the “Great Wall” was built behind the Boardwalk. This not only stopped the erosion of the hill, but allowed for the parking lot behind the Boardwalk to be expanded. Shortly after this wall was built, a bridge was built that linked the parking lot to the upstairs dining section of the restaurant.

-In the winter of 2005-2006 work was done on the Boardwalk Marina’s boathouse (an ugly structure built in the 1950’s). The old structure was completely taken down to the water level and then built back up, this time to make it an open air structure, and instead of putting on a normal roof, instead a level deck was built to allow people to sit out on top of the boathouse and gaze up the lake.

-During the summer of 2007, it was decided that another bridge had to be built, to improve customer accessibility to the boathouse deck. This bridge linked the upper deck of the new boathouse with the upstairs dining section of the restaurant, thus improving customer ability to enjoy food, cocktails and fireworks on the deck!

-In the winter of 2008-2009 it was determined that the upstairs section of the Boardwalk Restaurant (mainly the interior dining section) needed to be remodeled. During this time the interior dining section was enlarged and changed to create what is now deemed the “Adirondack Room.” These renovations also included the complete remodeling of the upstairs bathrooms, kitchens, and employee staircase.

-A couple years after this renovation another need was discovered, the need of easy handicapped access to the upper dining section of the Boardwalk and the boathouse deck. So in the fall and winter of 2010-2011 another bridge was built from the Boardwalk’s parking lot to the upstairs dining section of the restaurant. This bridge was sloped ever so slightly and wrapped around the back of the restaurant to allow wheel chairs to easily and effortlessly go up and down the bridge and access the two upper decks of the restaurant.

-In the spring of 2013, we completed our largest renovation to date. We completely removed the roof above the deck of the Boardwalk Restaurant as well as the decking of the upstairs dining section. We replaced it with a new Adirondack-style roof and a more elegant deck and railing combination. The new deck also has a raised section in the middle of it so that even if you are sitting in the middle, everyone has a view of the lake! The Boardwalk Deck now has the feel of a modern Great Adirondack Camp! Stunningly beautiful – come see for yourself!

-This past winter/spring we completely renovated and remodeled our Downstairs Dining area!! We redid the siding as well as all the windows and interior decorating, making a more comfortable, modern, dining experience.